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How to do it

We want to give organisations ideas for re-thinking work and travel. By thinking afresh about where people work and why they travel, organisations can increase their efficiency and effectiveness, improve employees' working lives and reduce their carbon footprint.

What we describe here is a triple hit. Organisations benefit, employees benefit and the environment benefits. We do not need to talk about trade-offs between the three. By re-thinking work and travel we find that what is good for business is good for the environment.

Here you will find strategies, approaches and advice that leading organisations in the public and private sector have adopted over more than a decade. Concentrating on practical advice that organisations can implement, the material here allows you to take a fresh look at work and travel which can bring widespread improvements to your business, your employees and your carbon footprint.

This section is split into 4 key areas:

Making a start

We suggest you read the following sections to get a feel for re-thinking work and travel patterns. However once you are ready to make a start then you have some information to source.

Before you can start re-thinking or reducing work-related travel impacts, it is vital that you understand what currently happens in your organisation. Here are a few pointers of the type of thing you’ll need to find out.

Travel Survey

  • How do employees work – do they always come into the office or do they work flexibly? If so how often?
    • Could they work remotely more often? If so how might that be facilitate?
  • How do employees commute and where do they live?
    • If by car, is another way possible? How might this be facilitated?
  • How do they travel on business and how often?
    • If by car or by air, could another way be possible? How might this be facilitated?
  • Do employees use alternatives to travelling such as video conferencing?
    • If not, how might this be encouraged and facilitated?

Other information to gather

  • How much does your business organisation spend on business travel? What are the key areas of expenditure?
  • What policies do you currently have related to travel and working styles and patterns? Are they supportive of what you’d like to do or do they need to be amended?
  • What facilities do you have to support active travellers?
  • How many car parking spaces do you have? Do they give priority to car sharers?
  • Is your office layout supportive of new ways of working? Could you make more effective use of the space?

View a copy of the Travel Survey recently carried out in Business in the Community. This will give you an idea of how you might go about finding this information out at very little cost. We used one of the free online surveys to gather this information.

Financial and policy information was sourced internally from our Finance and HR Departments and site assessment surveys carried out directly with our various offices.

Creating your ways2work action plan
Ready to implement travel and work planning into your organisation? See how in...